torstai 1. syyskuuta 2011


There is a REALLY hard challenge over at Make it Colourful this week. You have to colour a sunset with clouds!!! 

Well, I can tell you I almost gave up, and I´m not happy with this one but I had to post it because of the number of grey hairs that grew on my head during my colouring and I´ve also missed my math class yesterday because of this ;)  And yes... I needed a LOT of chocolate!!!

Copic list:
Sea:BG01, BG05, BG09
Sky: Y21, Y17, YR04, YR07
Clouds BV08, BV04, BV02, BV00
I drew the palm trees in black 100

Thanks for stopping by =)

10 kommenttia:

SannaS kirjoitti...

oi WAU!!!! henkeäsalpaavan kaunis maisema!!! sä oot niin taitava!!! =)

Delphine kirjoitti...

Je suis bien d'accord, je le trouve difficile ce challenge:-) mais par contre ton coucher de soleil est fantastique! J'aime beaucoup ce que tu as fait! Bisous,

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Wow this is beautiful, you should be so pleased you didn't give up, it's absolutely stunning!!!
Thanks so much for joining our challenge this week

pipertäjä kirjoitti...

Voi ihanuus, mitkä värit!!!!!! Mää tykkään ihan hillittömästi!:)

xxxtglxxx kirjoitti...

Hi Sara :)

Lol at the chocolate!! :D

Your picture is just breathtaking btw, my OH thought it was a famous painting! You should be thrilled with this, its incredible hun! :)



maiju kirjoitti...

Nämä sun korttisi on upeita. Värinkäyttösi on mahtavaa ja ihanan rohkeaa.

Milla kirjoitti...


Blogissani on sinulle jotain :)

Debbie Pamment kirjoitti...

Oh you soo sound like me - I didn't want to post my card either but kinda had too being in the DT - LOL. I'm sooo glad you posted yours too - it's gorgeous and I think it's GREAT to challenge ourselves!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Aivan upea maisema! Leppoisaa viikonloppua Sara!

Susa kirjoitti...

WAUDEWAUDEWAUDE! Miten niin tykkään?!?! :D